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ATM Debit Cards in the process of being obtained.  Soon you'll be able to withdraw your funds to your own Debit Card!

Added features in the works:- Subscription, Shopping Cart and Auction Tools for Merchants.

Thousands of Users are Choosing as their New Secure Payment Processing System!

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Merchant Tools   -   Accept online credit card payments immediately with Gold-Vault   Merchant Tools!  A purchase button on your site in 2 minutes.  No approval process, no paperwork and you can use Gold-Vault .com with any MLM Program!   No worrying about your account being confiscated. * Shops   -   Shop in any online store, or buy any product from any merchant accepting! If you're a merchant list your site in our shops for more traffic.

Email Dollars Worldwide  -  To anyone with an email address!

Free Referral Program  -   Open a free to join Gold-Vault .com account today and be automatically enrolled in our free affiliate program that pays you for your referrals 6 levels deep. Open your Account today

Instant Payment Notifications   -   You are notified instantly via e-mail when someone sends funds to your account.

Variety of Funding Options  -   Gold-Vault .com offers a variety of funding options, such as, by credit card, echeck, e-gold, paypal, check, money order stormpay, netpay! Several of these options allow you to fund your account instantly!  Many withdrawal methods including paypal, check and soon to come debit cards.

NOTE TO USERS:  We are NOT an exchange service! Any attempts to deposit money simply for the purpose of exchanging to paypal will not be honored.  You will not lose your money of course.  Just the withdrawal request will be rejected.Thank you.

*  We do not condone fraud or spamming.  Those are the other terms under which an account could be frozen.  All complaints will be investigated thoroughly and you will always receive fair treatment. Your business is important to us.


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