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Generic Link Codes (GLC) Integration Manual

You can use the following form template to create your own forms to link to Gold-Vault:
Example Form 1
<form method="post" action="" target="_blank">
      <input type=hidden name=merchantAccount value="Gold-Vault_username">
      <input type=hidden name="amount" value="amount">
      <input type=hidden name="item_id" value="product id">
      <input type=hidden name="return_url" value="ANY Return URL you want here ">
      <input type=hidden name="cancel_url" value="ANY Cancel URL you want here ">
      <input type=hidden name="SUGGESTED_MEMO" value="ANY additional info you want here">
      <input type=submit name="cartImage" value="ANY text you want here">

If you want to use banners in combination with our affiliate links, please use one of these below:

Right-Click and Copy ('Save Image As' on Netscape browsers, 'Save Picture As' on Internet Explorer 6) on the banner or image below:

*  We do not condone fraud or spamming.  Those are the other terms under which an account could be frozen.  All complaints will be investigated thoroughly and you will always receive fair treatment. Your business is important to us.


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