Gilding Materials

Here you will find listed everything you need to gild using the methods and process's outlined on the site.


I have put together a very nice gilding kit, the kit comprises a solid hard wood hinged box with a gilders cushion mounted on the top. A genuine bone handled gilders knife plus an agate burnisher. You also get a book of composition gold leaf plus pumice powder which is used to de grease the cushion. You will also get a copy of my popular step by step gilding manual. I am writing another manual about gilding onto other materials, which includes how to obtain various antique and distressed finishes, you will receive a free copy of this manual when it is completed.

Because of the value of this item it will be shipped by surface mail, fully insured and with a tracking number.


Price $112.99/£59.99 includes shipping.       

A genuine agate burnisher at a very affordable price, I imported this from China where they have been gilding for many centuries, it is less than half the price of burnishers currently available. Essential if you wish to be able to burnish highlights when using gesso. Price $23.00/£11.99 shipping included.  

My gilding knives will last for generations, they are made from the finest Sheffield steel with bone handles.

Price $27.00/£13.99 shipping included


I have made these large gilding cushions myself, they are made to accommodate the sheets of composition gold leaf which is always manufactured in large sized sheets compared to English gold leaf for example which is sold in small sheets. A normal sized gilding cushion made for English gold leaf would not be big enough for the sheets of composition gold leaf.

Price $43.00/£22.99


This is the shellac size I use myself and recommend you try, some people advocate the use of an oil based size, some prefer a water based size, I use shellac as it is very easy to prepare and dries quickly, it can also be used to seal the leaf and imparts a pleasing colour to the gold.

Price $16.20/£8.50





In my opinion this two part crackle varnish is the easiest to get good results from, I have tried various crackle varnishes, but this is the most predictable in use that I have found. Full instructions for using this crackle varnish is contained in the free manual available from the downloads page.


Price per 50ml bottle of bottom coat and top coat. $23.00/£11.99



This is the new glaire manufactured by J.Hewit & Sons Ltd in England. It's water based so poses no problem from fumes unlike the other popular shellac based glair, BS Glaire.

This is the size you need for gilding onto leather.

It is easy to apply with a brush or cotton wool pad, you can also leave this glaire once applied and come back months later if needed to do the gilding.


Price $17.00/£8.99 including shipping





380g pack of gilders whiting.


Price $9.80/£4.99 including shipping






pumice powder

50g of Fine grade pumice powder, this is essential for keeping the gilding cushion free of grease.

Price $9.20/£4.50 including shipping        



Composition gold leaf is a vastly under rated material, I used it all the time on leather bindings in place of gold foil.

Composition gold leaf comes in various shades, the one I sell here is a very close match to 23 carat gold leaf in colour, it looks very convincing when used in place of genuine gold leaf.

You can purchase it here from this site at prices lower than most places online and lower than you would pay in a store.

These prices are all inclusive, they include all taxes and shipping by airmail to your door whether in Europe or the USA.

Please see below for prices.





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