Gold Leaf in Painting

Harriet Green from Totton, Southampton is a self taught decorative painter, she ran a paint workshop in the New forest area of England for almost 6 years where she hand painted and decorated furniture.


She has been using imitation gold leaf in a number of different ways to produce her own style of gold leaf painting. She is a great admirer of Prof Agostino Dessi the Florentine mask maker and she has used imitation leaf to produce her own gold leaf painting.


gilded maskgold leaf art

Harriet came across imitation gold leaf through her involvement in bookbinding and thought it would be perfect for decorating the Venetian masks she was working on.







 gold leaf painting

Harriet also works with large panels covered in imitation gold leaf. On the left is a picture of one of her large panels.


She would be glad to accept commissions for this type of large scale wall covering.


Below is a detail taken from the work.



 Here are further examples of her work, details taken from a series of her work entitled "Alchemy".




She can be reached by email at Harriet Green [email protected]


This lady impresses me greatly, ok, she does have an arts & crafts background so knows how to use her hands, but the results she has obtained in a short space of time are to me quite staggering, I can only show a few pictures of her gold leaf paintings, her output is prodigious. Many examples of her gold leaf painting can be viewed at this website link


If you have work which you would like featured on this site please contact me through the contact page.


So you have seen what is involved in gilding with imitation gold leaf and how to apply crackle and antique glazes, you have seen how to prepare and use gesso to create distressed surfaces. You will also have some idea of what is involved in gilding onto leather, don't forget there is a manual devoted to gilding onto leather at the download page.



If you decide you would like to get involved in gilding using the methods shown here, there are three gilding kits that you can choose from.


Or you may decide to purchase particular supplies  for your own project.


Either way if you need direct help at any time you can always mail me, see "contact us" page.











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