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This sites home page has been on the first page of Google for several years, also many of the sites other pages are currently on the first page of Google.

I would like to link to anyone whose site would be compatible with ours.

If you would like to exchange links please include the code below into your html. When you have done so please contact me via email telling me where I can view our link and I will include your own link text promptly in the appropriate section, if need be I will create a new section to fit your profile.


<a href=""> The Gold Vault - Gold Leaf Project Kits</a> Our site is all about craft gilding using imitation gold leaf. There are free, fully illustrated tutorials showing how to apply gold leaf to wood, paper and leather and even apples! We also show various methods of creating antique and other distressed finishes to gold leaf.


I am also happy to link exchange banners 468 x 60 pixels. If you wish to exchange banners please include this code into your html, and contact me when the banner is in place and I will place your own banner in the appropriate section.


<A href=""><IMG src=""<a>


I have a sister site to be found at it is currently number 3 on the first page of Google for our primary search phrase, also many of it's other pages are on the first page of Google. I am offering a similar link exchange on this site.


Thank you.

Richard Norman.


Hi there, I've been browsing your wonderful website and I can't wait to have a go at some of the techniques you explore on there. Your manuals are definitely the best Iv'e found on the internet. 
Seb Dale 
I just want to salute your generosity in giving away your gilding knowledge. Excellent guide books,  I was not able to find such a simplified explanation in any book at the local library. 
Ghassan Haddad 
After looking at various sites and suppliers on the net, your site is just wonderful - clear, accessible, descriptive and demystifying. Thanks so much for making your knowledge available! Liz 
You did a brilliant job of mentoring me through my project, it turned out very well, I am extremely happy with the results.
Your manuals are excellent. I easily worked my way through your gilded manuscript project and the result is now framed and hanging in my living room. Thank you.